Jane Wells

Jane Wells understands the best connections between popular culture and faith. Exploring these connections can light up your life, energize your congregation’s small groups and bring men and women through the doors of your church for the first time. As a longtime journalist and an expert on media marketing, Jane Wells helps readers understand what’s happening now in the often confusing waves of media flowing all around us. As a Christian author, her ideas are perfectly suited for people who want to dig into Christian Bible study and enjoy the hottest new novels and movies at the same time.


Wells writes about all kinds of connections between faith and culture—from Hunger Games and murder mysteries to science fiction and the latest in social networking. Her first book for ReadTheSpirit focuses on the mega-hit series of novels and films: Twilight. Her book, Glitter in the Sun, draws many links between Twilight and the Bible. The single biggest connection is: Love. For all of its supernatural trappings, the Twilight series has sold well over 100 million copies because of the compelling quality of the immortal love story at its heart. At the heart of Christian conversion is the search for God’s eternal love.


Jane Wells’ daily work focuses on trends in new media. She is an expert at independent publishing, new social-networking platforms and media marketing. She also is an accomplished small-group leader and designer of workshops and retreats, both in church and in secular settings. She regularly connects with other media-marketing professionals and will consider requests for print, radio, TV and online interviews, time permitting in her busy schedule. She also will consider requests for public appearances, workshops and retreats. Email authorjanewells@gmail.com.


Jane Wells writes regularly about her ongoing work and her fresh ideas that can help you, your friends and your congregation. Follow her columns at www.glitterinthesun.com.