Michigan State University Journalism Students

As school districts across Michigan reviewed their anti-bullying policies under a six-month deadline imposed by the state, students in the Michigan State University School of Journalism decided to produce a book about bullying. Major publishing houses, today, are able to rush books through production with a huge investment and an array of top professionals—but a class of untested students tackling one of the hottest topics of the day? It seemed impossible.

The other key question was: Is there anything new to say about bullying? There certainly is, anti-bullying activists told MSU students. In fact, the widespread problem of bullying has taken on dangerous new forms. In The New Bullying, the MSU students’ reporting shows how computers, cellphones, new laws and social media have changed bullying forever. They also report on promising solutions.


MSU journalism teacher Joe Grimm has published some of his books with David Crumm Media. Grimm asked Publisher John Hile to open our company’s uniquely flexible publishing software for these students to use. The students immediately recognized fresh possibilities in the rapid, single-source work flow in our software and dug deep into reporting, writing, photography and video production—easily styling and copy editing the resulting book for release in just 101 days. The book was available for parents, educators, lawmakers and community leaders even sooner than many had hoped. What’s more? The New Bullying can stay new. The book can be rapidly updated in future editions across print and e-book platforms due to our company’s signature software.


The MSU students and their teacher, Joe Grimm, have received many requests to talk about bullying and the rapid production of this in-depth book. You can learn more about the students’ work at the MSU website, http://news.jrn.msu.edu/bullying/ You can reach Joe Grimm at joe.grimm@gmail.com or 248-631-9959. Direct any questions about David Crumm Media’s unique publishing systems to us at ReadTheSpirit@gmail.com