Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times

Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times is Dr. Robert Pasick’s valuable new toolbox of leadership strategies for men and women who want to improve their performance at work and in the community. Dr. Pasick is a popular writer, psychologist and leadership coach who you may recognize from his many radio and TV appearances, including Oprah.

Coaching Top Executives
and You, Too

Dr. Pasick’s clients range from veteran Fortune 500 executives to men and women starting their first businesses or stepping into their first professional careers. He understands how hard life is these days for millions of Americans suddenly shifting careers and employers. Dr. Pasick’s life-saving advice is that people don’t have to merely juggle the competing demands of work, family, community, health and values. We can learn to balance these vital spheres of life and, working with Dr. Pasick’s dozens of strategic ideas in this new book, we can become more effective leaders as a result.

Tools You Can Use

The core of the book is a series of “Coach’s Clipboard” strategies, inviting readers to start with their most important daily life challenges. The book becomes your personal toolbox with space to outline your immediate and long-term goals. In Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times, you’ll meet a wise coach who will reduce your stress, raise your spirits and quickly get down to the key choices you can make today.

Trying to be a balanced leader makes intuitive sense. But how do you get there? Rob Pasick’s book has practical suggestions. They can be absorbed quickly in one hour or slowly over a year—one “Coach’s Clipboard” entry per week.

D. Marion (on, 5 stars)

Robert Pasick’s book, “Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times,” is one I’ll turn to again and again. If you, too, aspire to be a good leader—formal or informal—buy this book, read it and put it where you’ll see it everyday. (Yes, “there” would be a great place. :-))

Bernadette Malinoski (on, 5 stars)